RCG Economics provides the highest quality, most credible public policy research and analysis possible. Scrupulous standards are the foundation of our reputation. RCG employs sound economic principles and sources, and all of our work — including white papers, databases, major studies and reports — is run through rigorous peer review procedures.

Credible public policy research built on current information, foreseeable trends, and sound analysis is more useful than rigid, politicized language. Any organization with an interest in creating or understanding public policy needs well-researched information, but the resources required to develop research and deliver analysis it is not always possible for small organizations, nor for those with only periodic, specialized interest in the topic. RCG can help.


Some clients want RCG to provide research without indicating a specific course of action. Other clients want us to provide a range of solutions, including the advantages and disadvantages of each. On certain occasions, RCG Economics will develop succinct policy recommendations. What remains unwavering is RCG Economics’ commitment to objective and independent research.



Our approach to regional and urban economic consulting incorporates bottom-line market realities into public policy and planning decisions. RCG Economics is comprised of urban economists, planners, and real estate analysts. Much of our public policy work involves analysis of the market forces causing economic and demographic changes within a region or urban area.

Our team has combined expertise in:

  • Analysis of Proposed Legislation
  • Analysis of Citizen Initiatives
  • Regulatory Changes
  • Public Policy Innovation
  • Regulatory & Policy Reform
  • Program Evaluation
  • Forecasting
  • Strategic Planning
  • Public Finance
  • Market-based Modeling

RCG offers any/all of the following:

Research Intelligence

RCG Economics will gather the right information