The Super Bowl has arrived. Three days from now, the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs battle it out at Allegiant Stadium. And many say this will be the biggest thing to happen in Las Vegas.

Just saying that can be a shock to the system when you think back to just 20 years ago when the NFL wouldn’t allow any advertisement or even mention of Las Vegas during the game.

That, of course, has all changed.

Everyone is suffering from sticker shock at the gas pump and grocery store and everywhere else in between.

Rachel and Anthony Ducksworth are married with five children. They both work in the home health care arena. Anthony Ducksworth described their financial situation as “getting by.”

Restrepo points to the multiple rounds of federal stimulus money as a major contributor to Nevada’s faster-than-expected recovery.

Early revenue projections show tourists are starting to return. “But how much they spend is another question,” Restrepo said. “The economy here is so dependent on tourism. So how the

“We have one of the most vulnerable economies in the country” because of a lack of diversity, Restrepo said.

Nevada’s lack of industry diversification will likely hinder its jobs recovery, as it did after the Great Recession, Restrepo said.

John Restrepo, principal at RCG Economics, said there are a number of factors — such as the prevalence of part-time work in and among casino and food service jobs that

Restrepo’s data showed the retail vacancy rate at 10.4 percent in the third quarter of 2017 and speculative office vacancy at 19.5 percent in the same period. Both rates roughly


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