Robots Replacing Bartenders, Hotel Check-In Staff In Las Vegas.

By Editor -September 4, 2023

Las Vegas, the casino tourism mecca in the Nevada desert is seeing a wave of artificial intelligence (AI) robots replacing humans in tourism industry jobs.

Check-in kiosks have replaced people at the front desk of hotels. Text-bots now make restaurant recommendations instead of a concierge. Robots can serve food, and behind the bar, machines are pouring out drinks.

Automation and technology replacing jobs has long been a conversation in Nevada’s most populated city. Studies show that between 38% to 65% of jobs there could be automated by 2035.

With the use of artificial intelligence on the rise, the economy of this city –which relies on tourism and hospitality — is at an inflection point, as companies look to technology to reduce labor costs.

“Wherever the resort industry can replace their workers and not affect productivity, profits or the customer experience — wherever they can do that with artificial intelligence… they will,” said John Restrepo, principal at RCG Economics in Las Vegas.