Can Las Vegas Balance Automation’s Efficiency with Job Security?

Aamir Sheikh – September 7, 2023

TL;DR Breakdown

Las Vegas is witnessing a surge in AI and automation adoption in service industries.
Concerns arise as research predicts up to 65% of jobs may become automated by 2035.
Calls are rising for the diversification of the economy and the implementation of safeguards to prevent AI from replacing positions.
Las Vegas, renowned for its vibrant entertainment and hospitality sector, is currently in the midst of a technological revolution that has both captivated and concerned its workforce. The city’s service-oriented tourism economy is undergoing a significant transformation with the increasing integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation.

While robots now pour drinks at bars and check-in booths handle hotel arrivals, a growing unease about job security lingers in the air. This story delves into the thriving rise of automation in Las Vegas, exploring how it is reshaping the city’s industries and prompting calls for innovative solutions to safeguard employment.