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Commercial Real Estate Comparative Analysis Reports and More

Much of the research focus on Las Vegas during the past economic downturn has centered on the Southern Nevadan residential real estate market. However, the commercial real estate market was also hit hard during the major recession, although it has started to rebound over the past few years. Read our in-depth analysis on the conditions and state of the Nevadan commercial real estate market below.



Las Vegas’ commercial real estate markets appear to be finally stabilizing, albeit moderately. After four long and hard years, Southern Nevada’s economic recovery is now entering the “Great Reset” and slowly climbing out of the deep recessionary hole. As many of our indicators show in this issue of Economic INsight,we appear to have hit bottom…. Read more »

Commercial Real Estate


Commercial Real Estate Investing The financial industry greats will be first to tell you that commercial real estate investing has the potentiality to bring in major profits. They may also gleefully tell you the risks in a number of cases completely outweigh the potential, particularly if they’re among the more wary speculators in the industry…. Read more »

Valley commercial real estate outlook is good


By John Restrepo Special to Las Vegas Business Press In commercial real estate, as in life, one important indicator of future events is past performance. In that vein, three things from 2014 stand out: ▶ First, office-using jobs, industrial-related jobs, and retail-sector jobs were up over the prior year. In particular, Southern Nevada’s industrial jobs… Read more »

RCG Economics Releases Las Vegas Valley Quarterly Commercial and Industrial Real Estate Surveys


As reported by the Las Vegas Review Journal, RCG Economics and UNLV’s Lied Institute for Real Estate Studies have released their quarterly commercial real estate survey showing that Southern Nevada’s commercial real estate markets continued to improve and that the industrial sector posted some of the biggest gains. Southern Nevada Industrial Real Estate Market, Vacancy Rate and… Read more »